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My work emphasizes the sculptural and poetic inherent in the human body and its actions, intersecting media and processes in order to engage space, place and environment.
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Artscape Residency, Ontario, CAN

DSC_0026Performance by Alicia Marván. Latex by Anne O’Callaghan. Photograph by Johannes Zits.


“Beacon” exploration at Silo City, Buffalo, NY


zero crossings

Artscape Residency, Ontario CAN



Vita Mina

It is absolute magic when you find yourself at an inspiring space and you can have a successful improvisation session with artist colleagues. Last April, I played around with Mexican singer Carmina Escobar at the Dos Estrellas Mine and Museum in Tlalpujahua, Mexico. I brought my body and a pink piece of fabric; she brought her voice. Sultry sounds and flickery dust filled the space, cut with light beams and my undulating movements.


Crafting the Future Workshop

I had the privilege of attending the “Crafting the Future” workshop at DEAF (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival) in Rotterdam this spring, where I embarked on a fun journey with a group of design professionals from Italy, Brazil, the Netherlands and Germany. The two-day workshop introduced me to 3d printing (a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file), and posed the challenge: Can 3d printing be applied to fabrics and the fashion industry? We sure found the creative exercise stimulating and fruitful. With lots of patience, experimentation and collaborative thinking, we came up with a crystal-inspired neck piece and several samples for what could be developed into jewelry and other fashion accessories. A big thank you to the Ultimaker community and the Swedish School of Textiles for such great experience!