Alicia Marván Atelier is an innovative fashion company that produces unique wearables inspired by, and designed for specific locations worldwide. Our aim is to provide society with a more holistic approach to fashion in terms of customer relations, labor ethics and environmental responsibility. Our designs are developed with a close understanding of the population’s challenges, needs and wants. Products are manufactured near the point of sale, creating new jobs for local people and utilizing materials from regional suppliers that are socially and environmentally responsible.

The company began commercial operations in the fall of 2016, with the launch of its first collection, “EnWrap”, designed specifically for winters in Buffalo, New York. It features warm yet elegant designs for women who typically have a hard time finding great clothes in Buffalo, due to limited retail options, standardised sizing and unflattering trends. Upcoming collections include a ‘ready-to-wear’ line of casual pieces for work and leisure, and a resort collection inspired by Mexican glamour. Additionally, we will carry innovative accessories to complement the clothing — eye-catching pieces made of revolutionary materials such as recycled metals, and bio-engineered composites.

Our long-term goals include the establishment of a sustainable textile production plant in Buffalo, New York. The enterprise will be innovative, hi-tech, ecologically and socially responsible, providing our main source of material for the clothing company, as well as boosting the city’s economy with new job opportunities. Being that our company fills a gap in society, and the timing is prime for Buffalo’s current “renaissance,” we are confident that the company will be a very successful venture. All around the globe the fashion industry is beginning to shift towards a more holistic approach like ours, calling it “Fashion’s Fourth Industrial Revolution”. We are pioneers in Buffalo, and foresee a bright future ahead!

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