From There to Here

An interactive woven sculpture, part of “8 Hour Projects,” an annual event presented by the Art Galleries of Allegheny College, in Meadville, PA. The exhibition features 10 artists making art on site for 8 hours, with the public invited to observe and participate. Curated by Heather Brand and Darren Lee Miller.


A new body of abstract works using thread, cloth, wire and natural fibers. The exhibition is a celebration of the handmade at a time of heightened industrialization, as a quest to find a more modern expression of the materials and methods. The result are hybrid shapes and forms that echo both nature and technology. The designs…

SWARMS v2.0 – Erie Ecosystem

Interactive diagrams and kinetic installation using weaving rover robots to represent the interactions between biological species in Erie County, NY. Presented by UB Situated Technologies Studio, as part of MFA coursework. Wire, thread, toy rover robots.

SWARMS v1.0 – Maiden Voyage

A suspended interactive installation for weaving drone. Presented by UB Art Galleries, as part of the first-year MFA exhibition “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. Plexiglass, thread, toy drone.