Who Are We

A collaborative exploration of form, light and density. A latex curtain provides a diffused presence of the human body, which gets weighted and deformed as it balances on the edge of a water body. Performance by Alicia Marvan and Johannes Zits. Video and sculpture by Anne O’Callaghan. Presented whilst in residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Ontario, August…

Knot Garden

Inspired by local landscape and social entanglements, this performative ‘playground’ uses local abundant materials such as sand and rope. A collaboration with Johannes Zits, created while in residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island. Presented with support from The Tree Museum, the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council.

Vita Mina

A movement, fabric and voice exploration at the Dos Estrellas Gold Mine, Tlalpujahua, Mexico by Alicia Marván and Carmina Escobar. Sultry sounds and flickery dust filled the space, cut with light beams and the undulating movements of the fabric.

In Someone’s Corner

The only empty corner of a borrowed apartment in Berlin. Two dancers, married to each other. Each one dances in the corner at different times. Directed by Alicia Marván. Performed by Andrew Wass and Kelly Dalrymple-Wass. Edited by Andrew Wass.


A multimedia performance rooted in romantic emotions, drawing paralells between vegetable and human flesh. While a video plays a heart-shaped beet that is cut, shredded and re-arranged in the shape of a heart, a performer prepares roasted beet and goat cheese salad for the audience. Concept, video and performance by Alicia Marván. La Nave, Coatepec,…


A site-specific dance film in collaboration with video artist Emilia Gálvez, honouring the memory of a departed friend. Screenings in Portugal, Uruguay, Brasil, Chile and Mexico. Presented by the festivals Agite y Sirva, Female Sessions, Ciclo Play 09 and In Shadow. Duration: 3 minutes.

The Sculptural Body in Space

A site-specific performance commissioned by the University of the Americas (UDLA), Puebla, Mexico, in partnership with IntegrARTE. Concept and design: Alicia Marván. Development and performance: UDLA students. Duration: 60 minutes.

Analogous Structures

A site-specific performance amongst Ernesto Neto’s fragrant installation “Mother Body Emotional Densitites, for Alive Temple Time Baby Son”, made of lycra and spices. Concept and direction: Alicia Marván. Development and performance: Jane Blount, Ron Estes, Justin Morrison, Leslie Seiters and Jessica Radulovich. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Duration: 30 minutes.

Zero-crossings (2007)

A site-specific performance amongst Richard Serra’s sculptures, commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. In mathematics, a “zero-crossing” is a point where a graph crosses the horizontal axis (zero value). Inspired by the term and the site’s constant flux of people from USA and Mexico, two dancers slowly collide, representing the two cultures’…

Passing for Four (2004)

A dance and sculpture dialog designed and directed by Alicia Marván. Performed by: Margaret Paek. Music: Miya Masaoka. Presented by Sledgehammer Theatre, San Diego CA. Duration: 10 minutes.

Incubation (2002)

A movement study by Alicia Marván. Performed by Alicia Marván and Margaret Paek. Music by Hans Fjellestad. Presented by Sushi Performance and Visual Art, San Diego CA. Duration: 3 minutes.