Sculptural Woven Assemblages by Robotic and Media Systems


In this third iteration of Marván’s experimental weaving feats, a dystopic reality remembers its utopic past, when biology and technology danced in unison. A mixed-media installation takes us on an archaeological voyage to discover a promised future that never came…before the system failed and we became obsolete. Abstracted geometric data becomes audible, visible and tangible through a virtual choreography that is both organic and engineered.

Saturday August 10th, from 2-5pm

85 Silo City Row, Buffalo, NY 14203, USA


The installation is meant to be experienced one person at a time. Viewings are by appointment ONLY. Allow 20 minutes to experience the work. Due to the limited availability of viewing times, please reserve in advance:

Schedule Appointment

Created with support from the New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Program, the Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center’s Equipment Access Grant, Arts Services Initiative of WNY, Rigidized Metals Corporation, and the University at Buffalo Departments of Art, Architecture, Engineering and Media Study.
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