Alicia Marván Atelier presents it’s first fashion collection designed specifically for Buffalo, NY. Inspired by both the natural and built environment of the region, the collection reflects the textures, colors and forms of Buffalo’s unique architectural and natural formations. The one of a kind, handmade garments were designed around the concept of wrapping the human…

Crafting the Future

At the “Crafting the Future” workshop, part of DEAF (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival) in Rotterdam, I embarked on a creative journey with a group of design professionals from Italy, Brazil, the Netherlands and Germany. The two-day workshop introduced me to 3d printing (a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file), and posed the challenge: Can 3d printing…

Negotiating the Divide

A movement study created in response to the thread & cement installations by Fae Young-Scherling, on display in Atwater Place as part of McBride’s site-based installation showcase About Space. Garments by Alicia Marván. Choreography by Heidi Diaz. Sculpture by Fae Young-Scherling. At Heidi McBride Gallery, Portland, OR. Duration: 20 minutes.

The Sculptural Body in Space

A site-specific performance commissioned by the University of the Americas (UDLA), Puebla, Mexico, in partnership with IntegrARTE. Concept and design: Alicia Marván. Development and performance: UDLA students. Duration: 60 minutes.

Zero-crossings (2007)

A site-specific performance amongst Richard Serra’s sculptures, commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. In mathematics, a “zero-crossing” is a point where a graph crosses the horizontal axis (zero value). Inspired by the term and the site’s constant flux of people from USA and Mexico, two dancers slowly collide, representing the two cultures’…

Incubation (2002)

A movement study by Alicia Marván. Performed by Alicia Marván and Margaret Paek. Music by Hans Fjellestad. Presented by Sushi Performance and Visual Art, San Diego CA. Duration: 3 minutes.