A Seed, Inside a Heart, Inside a Dress, Inside a Grave, Inside a Shelter, Inside Water

When does life begin? When does it end? Centered around grieving, this multi-layered work taps into Mexican death folklore, particularly the belief that Monarch butterflies embody the deceased. The site’s abundant milkweed plants (Monarch’s food) serve as the main graphic and thematic element. The fragility of life and the futility of the Monarch’s migration are echoed in the artwork: The shelter was constructed with water-soluble fabric. The performer’s movement triggered a motion-activated water sprinkler that caused the shelter to collapse, and the milkweed seeds in her torso to fall into the dress pockets. The dress is constructed with landscaping fabric, allowing the milkweed seeds to grow in certain areas with the pass of time. A continuation of the life cycle, a promise of life after death. Created during a 3-week long residency at The Tree Museum, in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada. Presented with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council.

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